Further update on #runmalawi

img_4500Day Five and five marathons in the bag, well done Brendan Rendall thats 20% of your run done! Brendan is running the length of Malawi from north to south which is 650 miles and hoping to achieve 25 marathons in 25 days.

So why is he doing this? ……. in general to raise funds for Friends of Malawi Orphans and in particular to build a science and art block for FISS the FOMO Independent Secondary School in Mulanje.

He is just short of already raising £21,000 and his goal is £35,000. Brendan was thrilled to see the building work starting just before he left for his epic run. The children of the school were equally thrilled. Children here do not always have paper or pens to learn with so you can imagine the excitement of a new science block being built and with these children so eager to learn. I have been supporting Brendan with tweets and FB posts as I met him whilst volunteering at the school recently so I know what this will mean to the pupils and staff there.IMG_4347.JPG

Brendan is being supported by Emma Timmis herself no stranger to adventure sport and fund raising, she is cycling alongside encouraging Brendan and filming events along the way.

They are camping in schools along the route overnight and being joined by children running part of the way. They have camped by Lake Malawi and Brendan has even managed a mountain which is no mean feat…… so go Brendan go…..keep on going you are doing an amazing job.

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