Profile on Willie Pimba of Mulanje, Malawi.

A true gent if ever I came across one. This kindly 76 year old was the chef when I recently stayed at the Kumwamba Centre in Mulanje. He was persuaded back out of retirement by Mary Woodworth the founder of FOMO – Friends of Mulanje Orphans to cook for visitors at the centre. The centre looks after orphans and provides schooling and also has a guest house where volunteers stay when working alongside FOMO.

He provided us with steaming porridge in the mornings and a restaurant quality meal in the evenings. We enjoyed beef olives, chicken curry, a variety of stews, vegetables and Irish potatoes. He had trained many years before and had worked in a restaurant and I thoroughly enjoyed getting back to the centre to enjoy his lovely meals. Every morning on the outside table I would find my lunch carefully prepared in a lunch box, usually egg sandwiches, a pinch of salt in a screw of paper and a banana.

He has been married for many years and fathered six children the eldest being 51. He worked hard at his job and likes to please. If myself and colleague fancied a walk he would quickly organise one of the local boys to escort us round the tea plantations or round the local village. I’m so glad Mary enticed him to return to work because for me he one was of the  highlights of my stay in Malawi.

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