Entry requirements for Malawi

IMG_4227October 2015 and a change of entry requirements for Malawi. For UK citizens and many others it’s now necessary to obtain a visa, this is what you do-
Go to Malawi High Commission website and download blank visa form and complete before you go. This will save a great deal of time at entry airport.

Get 2 passport size photos, local chemists usually provide an efficient and easy service for £5.

Make sure passport has at least 6 months left until expiry.

Print off or obtain 3 months of bank statements.

Get $75 ready to pay at entry airport.

If going as a volunteer/working you will need an invitation or covering letter stating your reason for entry. If as a tourist address of accomodation.

In reality when I arrived at Blantyre airport which is very small, the area around the passport control queues was very busy with some people trying to complete forms on the small shelf areas and others were queuing in the one visa process queue.Slightly chaotic to say the least!  It got very hot and sticky with people bumper to bumper and if like me had been travelling for 24 hours some were weary. If you have the misfortune to be behind a school group as I was this process took a long hour and a half. They then didn’t look at my paperwork or photos! Once the hand written visa is complete you turn round and queue through to passport control.

Don’t let this put you off, this is a new system and the staff are doing their best ……….. It’s a beautiful county with warm hearted people and you will soon forget the trials of passport and visa control! It will get better I’m sure!

This is what happened in June 2016, so always check country requirements at time of going, these procedures are likely to change at any time.

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