#runmalawi~Brendan Rendall update.

img_4500He’s only gone and done it!!!!! Brendan Rendall adventurer, runner, fundraiser and all round good egg has raised £20,000 and he hasn’t even started the epic run that is 650 miles down the length of Malawi.

Brendan an Ordnance Survey #Getoutside Champion  and a Discovery Channel UK #MYWB Winner  arrived in this small African country a week ago in order to acclimatise himself to the challenge ahead which starts in a few days time. On arrival he was on £15,000 and hoped to reach £20,000 before the run started so the building of a science and art block for FISS a secondary school run by FOMO – Friends of Mulanje Orphans could get started. It looks like he is well on track for his total which is £35,000.

Many children in this area have little to eat, let alone stationery and books for school so a modern block like this will enhance their learning and their future life opportunities. If you want to help Brendan reach his goal donate at Just Giving.

Brendan is being supported by Emma Timmis who will cycle alongside and I’m sure will shout encouragement all the way as Brendan attempts 25 marathons in 25 days running from north to south stopping off in schools to camp overnight. Emma is no stranger to such epic challenges as she herself has run across Africa and has many plans ahead to challenge herself further.IMG_4501

They have been training hard each morning including a trek up Mount Mulanje today. They have also been visiting some of the areas which benefit from FOMO and distributing sports equipment and other goods to children who need it most. I personally can not wait to see Brendan start this challenge and will follow them both daily albeit as a virtual spectator however I will be shouting loudly some encouragement and I hope they both hear it from this tiny voice in the UK, so go Brendan and Emma go and good luck!

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