Emma Timmis – truly an inspiration!

IMG_4501.jpgOk so I’m jealous this young woman is getting around the world more than I am……..but she is doing it literally on her own two feet whereas as I like a roof over my head and a little lux travel now and then. She puts in the hard work and she is doing it for others.

I met Emma in Mulanje, Malawi recently. She is there supporting Brendan Rendall as he attempts a 650 mile run the length of this lovely country. Twenty five marathons in twenty five days is the plan and she will cycle alongside him as they steer a course southwards stopping off to camp overnight in schools as Brendan attempts to raise £35,000 to build a science and art block for FOMO Independent School in Mulanje.

If you read Emma’s website you will get a taste of the challenges she has endured and not least her run across Africa starting in Namibia and ending in Mozambique. She is going to be great support for Brendan and ultimately for FOMO Friends of Mulanje Orphans. This charity is supporting  the welfare of many youngsters in the Mulanje district and enhancing their young lives. Help Brendan and Emma achieve this target by donating at Just Giving, then you too can make a difference.


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