the ABC of Malta or 26 reasons why to visit.

A is for Anchor Bay where Popeye the movie was filmed, great place to take kids.IMG_7445.JPG

B is for the Blue Grotto, one of Malta’s top places to visit.

C is for Comino an island just off the main island and home to the Blue Lagoon.

D is for Dingli cliffs, a quiet place and of course great views of that deep blue sea.

E is for the English post boxes in Valetta.IMG_7666.JPG

F is for the summer fiestas held in all the towns and villages, visitors are welcome to join in…..and for the fishing boats in Birzebugga and Marsaxlokk. Bay IMG_7558.JPG

G is for Golden Sands Bay, one of the few sandy beaches in Malta.,,,, and for all the golden stone buildings across the island.


H is for the headland walks either side of Golden Sands Bay.

I is for an important friend during WW2, lots of references to this in Valetta.

J is for jetting off to this island, it only take 3 and 1/2 hours from the UK

Kids play outside till late as its so hot in the summer, they sleep during the day.

L is for the limestone caves and hollows at Ghar Lapsi. A quiet fishing village with beautiful clear water. IMG_7386.JPG

M is for Mosta dome, believed to be one of the biggest unsupported domes in Europe.

N is for no sitting in the sun all day, in mid summer it’s hot hot hot.

O is for the old English buses still in use on the island.IMG_7937.jpg

P is for pretty Bay in Birzebugga and the pink cars in Marsaxlokk. IMG_7542.JPG

Q is for the quaint living statues in Valetta.

R is for the roads that are steep in Valetta which lead down to that glorious harbour.

S is for Sliema a major tourist seaside spot.and for the silent city of Mdina, so beautiful at night.

T is for Ta’Frenc II – Ky Resaurant, more commonly known as The Three Sisters, a great out side restaurant tight on the harbour side at Marsaxlokk.

U is for the UK links with this island.

V is for Valetta, historic, cafe culture and horse rides.

W is the unstinting sunshiny weather.

XYZ………… any offers, greatly received….please!


6 thoughts on “the ABC of Malta or 26 reasons why to visit.

  1. Seems like an intereting mix of mediteranean and british influences. Once I can figure out how to get there in an affordable way, I’m heading to Malta. Your photos of Valetta really intrigue me.

    Liked by 1 person

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