the A to Z of Luang Prabang or 26 reasons why to visit.

A is for Asia at its best! I love Asia but none more so than Laos, its quiet and more laid back  than its nearby Thai and Vietnamese neighbours, very refreshing.

B is for the bamboo bridges that are strung across the Nam Khan river one of which gets you to the Dyen Sabai bar and restaurant, the most chilled place I’ve ever been to, where the seating is bean bags and booths on a slope overlooking the river, you will not want to leave, believe me!.


C is for cats on corners, the real type and the alabaster ones guarding the temple entrances!

D is for the delightful and colourful tut tuts in abundance, ready and willing to drive you anywhere.



E is for elephant sanctuaries which are close to Luang Prabang and I can recommend the Elephant village  where you can learn to be a mahout for the day.

F is for foot massage, there are many massage shops along the main road as well as in upscale hotel spas.

G is for the governors fort which is now the  Hotel de la Paix luxury accomodation in the town.


Hats – the practical coolie hats which protect from the sun and keep of the rain.

I is for Infants asleep on market stalls whilst mum works hard.

J is for chilli jam served with seaweed in the local restaurants.

K is for the kind, sincere Lao people, I didn’t meet one that wasn’t.

L is for little children wanting their picture taken.IMG_6848.jpg

M is for mosaics, glittery and shiny which decorate the temples.

N is for the numerous novice monks receiving their education in Luang Prabang in their beautiful ……

O is for orange robes.


P is for parasols a legacy from the French, used for decoration and selling to tourists in the night markets.IMG_2209

Q is for quick hair cuts on the side of the street!

R is for relaxation is the most chilled Asian town I have been to.

S is for the colourful shutters on the town buildings, another legacy from the French.

T is for temples, the town with the most per square mile! and everyone different.

U is for the unforgettable food I tasted in places like the Tamarind and Blue Lagoon which was ……

V is for very nice, in fact exquisite and first class…some of the best food which I have tasted in Asia.

W is for the whicker work chairs placed outside bars and cafes in the main street where the The Grey Traveller could sit back and enjoy a G and T.

X is for the kisses I would put on postcards if I didn’t use social media instead!

Y is for the yellow waterproof sides of the tut tuts in town.

and finally Z is for the zooming mopeds a must have in every Asian city I have visited!

7 thoughts on “the A to Z of Luang Prabang or 26 reasons why to visit.

  1. I am taking a slow boat to Luang Prabang next Friday. I enjoyed your a to z of Luang Prabang and can’t wait to get there. Is there any place or thing to do that I really shouldn’t miss?

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  2. What a fun post format for sharing information on Luang Prabang! I failed to reach Laos and Luang Prabang during my visit to Southeast Asia 2 years ago, but I think it’s creeping up my list for when i return. Thanks for sharing.

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