A grey pea in a pod ~ Arlesford, England

IMG_4398.JPGI am newly in love……… with pod living, I want to tell the world about it! I want to pod cast the net wide so everyone can experience this over night sensation. In fact you can stay over night for several nights if you wish.

I was as snug as a bug in a rug! How delightful to wake up cocooned in an eco pod with the sun rising across the Hampshire fields.

It was only one night but I wish it had been for a little longer. Each wooden pod has it’s own pathway leading to your home for the night. It has a decking area and two chairs where you can relax and eat.

You step inside to a double bed and once in, the wooden pod seems to envelop you in cosiness.This podlets home is close to the watercress line in Arlesford, in fact ideally located to reach Basingstoke or Portsmouth and all reference points in between.On site are toilets and showers clean enough to eat your food off the floor, in fact the entire site and pods are pristine, they are podly perfect.

Find out more if you will at Two Hoots Campsite

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