The Chambers ~ Portsmouth

IMG_1825.JPGI do not usually review restaurants and hotels on my travel blog but for The Chambers I am going to make an exception!

Located in Landport Terrace conveniently on the cusp of Portsmouth city slash Old Portsmouth slash Southsea with nearby parking this genteel eating house and bar is a breath of fresh air in this day of techno crisp glass cool sound bite cafes. It’s like stepping into a gentleman’s club or what I imagine to be like a gentleman’s club!

Cosy settees and sprung chairs host cocktail giggleries of girls meeting for shopping trips, outside seating suits the passer’s by and regulars and neat seating for eating in a bar choc full of chandeliers and champagne coolers makes for relaxing with a capital R on a Saturday with some sunshine.

Pleasant hosts and an easy to navigate drinks list and menu and soon you can dive into some freshly cooked wonderful food. The Grey Traveller and he who likes to think he is obeyed chose burgers, artistically presented on wooden platter with tomato chutney,

yummy chips and salad. (£8.95) All this and you have the walls and furnishings to entertain you with …….. well actually I’m not going to tell you, look at the photos  or better still go visit yourself.

The Grey Traveller also enjoyed a cheeky large glass of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc at a very reasonable price. The Chambers will be entertaining me again shortly no doubt!

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