Swaggering in Tombstone

P1030601.JPGWalking down Main Road, Tombstone in mid August alone and parching I could be forgiven for thinking I could hear the crack of boot on gravel, the whisper of a desert wind on swinging bar doors and the swish of cheap satin.

Only mad dogs and English women go out in the mid day Arizona sun but I wanted to capture that High Noon moment quite literally and it had taken some hours to get from Scottsdale….so with a dry throat I ventured into Big Nose Kate’s Saloon

for a sarsaparilla and was met with a swaggering cowboy full of western charm and a Croydon accent! Yes this guy used to play in Tommy Steele’s band and was now acting out his twilight years for Big Nose Kate and what a gent he was. He introduced me to the bar tender and insisted I hold his gun for a photo on the bar. He showed me what happened to the naughty girls  way back when and of course some more photo opportunities…. I was sorry to leave but I had to catch up with Doc Holiday and gang as they waged war with their enemies on the dusty  road outside ready for their re enactment of what happened on that fateful day at the OK Corral.

Every Tombstone actor/actress must be wannabe cowboys and saloon girls as they pull off that act several times a day all year round in heat that could fry eggs. Every kid growing up in sixties England main TV entertainment was black and white westerns so this was more than bit of nostalgic fun for me.

I saw the gambling tables where a poker game had been played for a number of years and I watched handsome horses pull carriages up and down. This is historical tourism at its best, the restored road takes you back to every Hollywood western or cowboy tv series you have ever seen. If you are a baby boomer you will soak this up, Tombstone sure puts on a grand show.

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