Travelling and climate change.

IMG_7268.JPGBeing a geographer and older traveller the subject of climate change keeps popping up, quite frankly its hardly likely to go away. It’s on the political agenda, it frequents the newspaper headlines and here in England we are waiting for summer or did we have it the other day? Certainly we are experiencing earlier springs and later autumns as our flora will confirm. In fact from a personal observation I don’t think there’s an obvious four seasons here in the UK anymore. Certainly summer doesn’t seem like it used to be or is that me looking at a sixties childhood through rose coloured spectacles.

Extreme weather has hit us over the last few years with flooding and coastal damage. A couple of winters ago we had heavy snow and it even hit us here on the south coast a couple of times causing some much loved snow days.

So what I am asking is this? Have you come across evidence of climate change or sea level rise in your travels? or in fact in your home area? Are you an older reader who can remember the weather being different wherever you might live? If so let me know. Some non travellers will argue that we add to the problems by travelling so much….indeed I am sure travel will be very different in fifty years time. ………. but that’s another blog post!

2 thoughts on “Travelling and climate change.

  1. Well, the weather isn’t the way it used to be here in Romania either. Sometimes it feels like the seasons are changing even in one day. It’s extremely hot and then bang! freezing cold…

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