A few moments in Mosman, Sydney.

Staying in Mosman, a Sydney residential suburb was one of the best decisions The Grey Traveller has ever made. Australia had always been on my hit list as I had Australian cousins who had emigrated in the fifties with their parents under the ten pound pommie scheme.  Australia had always seemed exotic and far away….and of course far away from the UK it has always been…. but the world has got smaller and I have got older so Australia suddenly seemed feasible…..and necessary.

Sydney itself is expensive to stay in but careful and time consuming research threw up an apartment in Mosman which had formerly been part of some army barracks. A few steps from the ferry landing and a balcony with a view to die for I had definitely arrived in style! ….if not a touch jet lagged!

First full day and we walked to Taronga and what an introduction to Australia this was. Fantastic views over the creeks and gullies of the harbour and passing hardly anyone else.

Staying on Musgrave Street which is on the Mosman headland we soon found a cut through to a coastal footpath which allowed us to look over and walk round Sirius Cove.


Came across a bottle brush tree in Sirius, such an apt name for this unique tree! Taronga was soon in sight and for me the highlights were of course the koalas and Skippy’s but also the great cityscape views across the harbour to downtown Sydney. For those born after the sixties Skippy was an Australian tv programme about a bush kangaroo, and no child of the sixties can see a roo without making a kangaroo noise through their teeth and singing the theme tune.

I won’t ever forget being woken by the kookaburras in Mosman, it linked nicely with more memories of sixties TV in the UK of Tinga and Tucker the koala bears with their friend Katie Kookaburra. So my wishes from the sixties to get to Australia did finally come true, it was a long time in the waiting mate!

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3 thoughts on “A few moments in Mosman, Sydney.

  1. Loved your photos. I am a Sydney girl, but haven’t lived there for over 25 years. It is a really beautiful walk, and your post brought back some wonderful memories

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      1. We are in Narooma on the far south coast of NSW. It takes us 6 hours to drive to either Sydney or Melbourne, or an hour to fly before a 24 hour + trip to Europe. Three of our children live in Germany, so we try to get there every other year

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