Photo blog of The Royal Barge Museum in Bangkok

The barge museum might not appear high on well known places to visit in Bangkok but it was one of the first experiences that The Grey Traveller enjoyed in this city.

The easiest way to navigate the city is to travel on the river and then get appropriate directions, the ferry boats will drop you off at Pinklao pier and then you need to ask directions. If you hire a longboat and ask to be dropped here as part of a tour this will work too.

I would call it the golden barges museum because the glitter is amazing! That and the dragons! Its probably only a 15 minute stop off but worth a visit. The barges I believe are still used but they are maintained to a sparkling first class appearance.

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8 thoughts on “Photo blog of The Royal Barge Museum in Bangkok

      1. Live in the UK, going to Malawi in three weeks, then USA road trip in August. Montreal on Boxing Day.

        Have been to Tangiers many years ago, went to Marrakech about 4 years ago and loved it.


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