Dublin, Ireland ~ photo blog

I felt welcomed the minute I landed in Dublin airport, the Irish craic was waiting, the drums were beating and immediately the hairs rose on the back of my neck. Dublin has become very much a weekend or short break destination for us here in the UK, and in three  long days I felt that I had taken the Irish welcome quite literally by throwing myself into all it had to offer with many a steaming mug of Irish coffee and a drop of the black stuff they are so famous for.

A good way to start and get a feel for the city is to visit the  Guinness Storehouse, exhibits will tell you lots about the history of this popular pint as well as its manufacture. You are led up a series of escalators until you reach the bar with a 360 view of the city and there you can claim your pint and decide on where you next want to visit.

Another great way to get an overview is to jump on one of the many bus tours. But I got myself back to the main hub of the city on a grand horse and cart like the Guinness family no doubt used back in the day. I also sampled the noisily rumbustious Duck tour which boasts a combined land slash water tour complete with compulsory viking hats and audience participation, recommended before tasting too much of the local brew!


If the liquid culture is very much to your liking Dublin hosts  a tour round their Jameson site and if that is still not enough, then make your way over to the Temple Bar area which is just the spot for a wee craic with the locals, some Irish dancing and singing and some glorious Irish stews.

The best way to experience some great dancing is to book a table at the Arlington Hotel right by the O’Connell bridge, if you are lucky you can get dragged to the stage and swing your booty and raise your feet to the Irish beat, surely a night to remember !

If you are able to get yourself up the following morning there is shopping, walking and even a trip round the gaol to be had before another afternoon of drinking and dancing in Temple Bar. With just an easy half hour bus ride back to the airport you can dance and imbibe every last minute of a Dublin break, cheers Dublin you did me proud.

The Grey Traveller stayed at The Anchor House a charming bed and breakfast establishment just two minutes away from where the Airport bus shuttles drops its passengers, central to all of Dublin’s must sees.


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