Blog name – your help please! 

I would really appreciate some feedback please. I used to blog under the moniker Dinky Travels, on upgrading my website and moving to wordpress I decided to rebrand myself as The Grey Traveller to let people know that I’m a mature traveller and not a young backpacker. However I’m thinking it gives the wrong message having grey in the title as I quote from my home page ‘I’m not so much grey as highlighted! Im wondering should I go back to Dinky Travels?

5 thoughts on “Blog name – your help please! 

  1. Hey! I think the grey traveler is better than dinky travels. I like the sound of it. I think grey is ambiguous. age? Color? Reference to Lord of the Rings. I do think that mature travelers are probably a hotter niche than most people think. AARP survey says one of seniors biggest regrets is not traveling more. Could be part of the challenge is how much of that audience will you reach in this medium. happy to respond more if you like…. Maybe add more posts aimed at concerns of that niche. Is this country friendly to an older crowd. Thinks to look out for as a grey traveler. What stereotypes of older travel are true vs false etc….

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