How I got caught out in Istanbul!

  The Grey Traveller likes to walk and so he who thinks he is obeyed and I walked everywhere in Istanbul. Close to the Hagia Sofia we were following a local gent who was carrying a small wooden box when all of a sudden he dropped a small brush. We picked it up and called him […]

When and where to walk in Dubai.

I’m a walker so I expect to be able to stretch my legs most days  ……….but in Dubai well its glossy, hot, indulgent and car city. The best time to walk has to be in the cooler winter months and early evening. The sun has gone down, the city is still busy I grant you […]

A Dubai Mall with a difference – Mercato

  Although many people visit Dubai for serious shopping others amongst us just want a less intense experience or just a dip into some air-conditioning.  The Mercato Shopping Mall is a delightful small retail area built in an Italian theme, it has a range of shops and eateries that you will recognise and an entrance plaza that […]

Transport tips in Bangkok.

Take a public taxi from ground floor G8 at the International airport to downtown or any of the river hotels, shouldn’t be any more than £35. For local short runs take a tuk tuk which is like sitting on the back of a wasp racing to sting somebody…its fun and cheap. Make sure you make […]