Are you a travelista?

P1030657Are you a travelista? I think I am!

Definition of travelista – someone who

  • travels
  • and likes to make lists,
  • then gets great satisfaction from ticking those lists
  • recreates new lists

I have lists of where I have been, where I want to go to (and that list just keeps getting longer!) lists of things to do in the next destination, lists of things to take, lists of things to do before travelling, lists of blog posts still to write…………..

  • Are you are travelista?
  • Is it an addiction?
  • Can I be cured?
  • Do I want to be cured?

If you have two or more symptoms from the first list you have a case of travelistaism, if you can answer any of the questions from the second list please leave a comment. Have to go now I have another list to write about checking to see who has read this post, who has liked it on fb and who has retweeted on twitter.


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