The Pullman Hotel, Danang, Vietnam

Can’t give you much about Danang as it was The Grey Traveller’s two night layover for rest and recuperation on a Cambodia slash Vietnam trip. What I do know is it is close to the region formerly known as DMZ the demilitarised zone during the Vietnam war dividing North and South of the country. Well of course there isn’t much evidence of that now although there are trips available from Danang to see remnants of that sad and bloody time.

To be fair I entered this part of the trip with trepidation as I knew I was going to a posh western style hotel where I had previously lodged in more authentic stays along the way. I thought my bubble would burst if I betrayed the trip but …….. I loved it. The Pullman Danang Beach Resort welcomed me in a cocoon of loveliness and tranquility well away from the constant thrum of moped madness which is the soundtrack to towns like Hanoi and Hoi An….oh don’t get me wrong I love that madness and it takes a stay away from it to truly appreciate it.

You enter via a beautiful chilled large lobby and then instead of checking in immediately at the reception desk you are drawn to the glass wall which gives an incredible view of the gardens and pool leading down to a soft sandy beach. When your jaw has returned to usual compose you are handed a cool drink and damp flannel and you know you want to shrug off the clothes and dive straight into that infinity pool sparkling and winking in the sun.

The beach offers water sports and you can walk quite a distance in both directions if you are a keen walker like me, the headland that you can see twinkles at night and you can catch glimpse of temples and statues if your eyes are good. Its worth a walk at night west of the hotel on the beach as you will come across some dancing fountains which jump in time to music and pretty coloured lights flash and change constantly. I saw some starfish in the water by the light of the moon, truly magical.

We ate at the hotel as the buffet options were very good value for money, I don’t know anyone that would be able to sample all that was on offer whether it be breakfast, dinner or beach BBQ.

Food highlight has to be the very famous Pullman ice cream which is created in front of your eyes and a constant stream of children and adults alike come away licking their greedy lips and I was no exception.

With the airport not far away, its a brilliant stop for bit of R and R.

If you want to find out more about The Grey Traveller in Vietnam, please click on these links.


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