That perfect moment on the Thu Bon River in Hoi An.

I don’t know about you but as a keen amateur photographer I always know there is one photograph that you know is the one when you get back from your travels. Not the one that is technically best but the one that sums up the essence of the trip or is just that special moment…..because didn’t Cesare Pavese once say ‘We do not remember days, we remember moments’. So for me my moment was on the Thu Bon river in Hoi An as we watched a fisherman cast his net and I let loose on the shutter.

So the above is a moment rather than just one single photograph.

Hoi An  is a little town in Vietnam popular with tourists coming to see the lantern ceremonies where hundreds of paper lights glide down the river at night. But daytime the river is just as enchanting and I loved this boat trip taken by chance from the dock in the town. We bartered the trip cost and a lovely couple slowly motored us under the Cam Nam Bridge towards the sea. We watched a lady do her week’s wash on the side of the river, we watched other boats of all sizes glide on by and we saw herons dip and lift from the water hoping to catch a lunchtime snack.

Rowing these tiny boats is no easy task and we saw many women take their share of the armography which would put me to shame when I struggle to open a can of tuna, this is hard work with a capital H.

This relaxing trip was for an hour but you can negotiate with the boat owner what time you want, its a great chilled time away from the bustle of Hoi An.

I stayed at the Essence Hotel Hoi An which was overlooking the paddy fields and a ten minute walk into the town.

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