How do you pick the next travel destination?



So how do you pick your next travel destination? Do you already have a long list which you are ticking off in a certain order? Do you wait to see what flights are available or the cheapest? Do you let your partner choose?  Are you already travelling and just let fate choose for you? Do you spend all your spare time searching websites for inspiration, are you all set to go someplace but then completely change your mind when another ‘new’ destination comes to light? Do you start planning a long time in advance or are you a last minute merchant? My plans for next year were Montreal in January and Myanmar in March but already I think those places are going to change. I’d love to know your thoughts, happy travels.



4 thoughts on “How do you pick the next travel destination?

  1. We always have a few holidays planned in advance – we like to know when we return from one that we have another to look forward to!! We also plan to visit Myanmar next year!

    As for choosing a holiday – we go with the flow! Sometimes a friend will be going somewhere and we will join, other times we pick a diving destination and of course, when you are away, you get chatting to other travellers who make suggestions so our list is forever growing!

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      1. I’m having a heavy session at the moment looking at Dec and Easter . Only problem with April apparently is that the water dries up and less chance of river trips.


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