Earth Day 2016 – let us travellers reflect.

P1040418.JPGWhat a fantastic world we live in! Earth Day for 2016 has passed and perhaps as a traveller I should reflect….. what can I do to help the earth when in fact I want to travel so much of it? Surely a conflict of interests here.

I want to see so much of it but it means using fuel in order to do just that, OK we can share taxi rides, get a bus instead of driving a car but is this really enough? If we didn’t travel there would be millions of job losses globally from ticket seller to airline pilot, from tuk tuk driver to hotel manager so would that really help the earth or perhaps its inhabitants?

Things they are a changing in as much as in some cases we can travel paperless if we use phones to checkin and collect boarding passes e.t.c. I am sure this is going to be the way to go to use QR coding instead of printing off reams of emails to prove your seat or room booking.

Some hotels suggest we reuse towels and bed linen but shouldn’t this become the norm? After all do we change our sheets and towels everyday at home? So why do we expect clean stuff everyday when travelling?

Some establishments boast of using locally produced food, this is all good but it usually comes at a price.

There are many eco tourist projects but really compared to travel in general its a handful, the mere fact that they are ecotourist means no mass tourism so very little of us world travellers learn about how to conserve, respect and save our planet.

This post seems to be all questions which I would love you to comment on, please share your thoughts with me, maybe together we can make a difference. I want to hear your collective voice fellow travellers.

I’d also like to hear from travellers who have experienced ecotourism, who have their own tips and ideas about how to travel without expanding our carbon footprint any more than we need to. Ecotourism projects I’d love to hear from you too so we can shout out on your behalf across our social media links.


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