How I got caught out in Istanbul!


The Grey Traveller likes to walk and so he who thinks he is obeyed and I walked everywhere in Istanbul. Close to the Hagia Sofia we were following a local gent who was carrying a small wooden box when all of a sudden he dropped a small brush. We picked it up and called him waving the brush which we then discovered was of the shoe kind and he ran back very appreciative of our find….or so we thought!

He then insisted he clean our boots as a gesture for helping him out or so we thought……. instead he insisted we pay him a fiver each for our good deed of the day! We shrugged our shoulders and paid up and laughed at ourselves……only to find the next day another shoe cleaner tried the same trick but this time we convinced him our boots were sparkly clean…….. Has this happened to anyone else?

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Yeni Cami Mosque – Istanbul

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An indulgent food journey across Istanbul

Daniel Craig sighting – I wish!

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