Why visit Egypt? 5 reasons why you should!


IMG_2905.jpgA good question! There are many reasons why you should visit Egypt and perhaps the most important one is that Egypt needs travellers because the travel and tourism industry has suffered in the last two years due to political upheaval and other well documented events.

1  Gliding down the Nile in April on a Sonesta cruise ship  organised by Discover Egypt between Luxor and Aswan provided no evidence of trouble towards tourists, these gentle folk need us to visit and spend money in order to boost their economy.

2   And so the other reasons – the Egyptians are a friendly race that are worried about the decline in tourism. They can not do enough to serve and satisfy the needs of tourists whether it be local guides, taxi drivers or cruise staff. They are proud of their heritage and want others to enjoy.

3  Between Luxor and Aswan there is evidence of Ancient history in the form of tombs and temples built by both their selves and ancient visitors. There is also evidence of more recent history such as the Aswan Dam.

4   Geographically you can see where the vegetation thins along the Nile and where the Western desert backs it up. You can see where the locals have built rock levees to hold back Nile flood water. And finally you can see the locals working on their farms growing alfalfa  and sugar cane and fishermen casting large yellowing nets.IMG_2903.JPG

5  If you enjoy shopping there are plenty of opportunities to buy papyrus prints, traditional clothing and locally made jewellery in either Luxor or the souk in Aswan.

Go you won’t be disappointed.

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