Shakespeare and Co – The best place in Dubai!


The Grey Traveller happened upon this little corner of paradise by chance…….. staying on the Palm over New Year I needed to stretch my legs and came across the Golden Mile and here on the Trunk of The Palm was a little cafe. Its name intrigued me – Shakespeare and Co – To me the ambience is Parisienne whilst the name somewhat alludes to being English but either way the service is outstanding and the complimentary chocolates are heaven.

First visit was just a late evening coffee but The Grey Traveller knew she had to return for more!………The evenings can be a little cool (i.e. you might need a cardigan round your shoulders) in December and January but still warm enough to sit outside and watch the families walk by on the Golden Mile.

In Dubai terms  this cafe is not expensive and the surroundings are old fashioned cosiness with a bang up today menu and impeccable service. My second visit I made sure I was hungry and a pasta meal was my choice but ohhhhhhh the deserts were to die for. Just close your eyes and dive right into fruit and chocolate, pastry and cream, mousse and wafer…..well what ever your fantasy is, it is here in Shakespeare and Co . And if this wasn’t enough the kindly manager knowing it was our last night gave us some chocolates to bring home. The chocolates are little mouthfuls of paradise wrapped in old fashioned patterned wrappers. These can be hand picked and boxed to give as presents or souvenirs.

There are other branches of this delightful cafe but this is the one I found and its my secret to be shared with you!

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