A horse and carriage ride through Edfu in Egypt.

The only was to see Edfu is to take a horse and carriage ride. They line up by the Nile like black cabs outside of Waterloo station. Shouting and calling to attract your attention so that you pick them. There are literally hundreds of these carriages which all on first appearance look the same so if you get off and want a return journey you must remember the number of your horse…ours was 18!

Its truly the only way to see the town, you catch glimpses of dusty alleyways, middle aged men drinking coffee on street corners and children backpacked up and walking to school.

Its a surprisingly comfortable ride and easy to get in and out. Our driver was taking us to the temple, a tad too far to walk from our boat on the Nile so we did as many others were doing, took our cameras in hand and bounced along Edfu’s streets.

Early morning saw the market in full swing and it was clear that this is where the women meet daily to buy their food once the children are off their hands and on their way to school. We could also see the newly baked bread set up on street stalls. The bread appeared to come in all shapes and sizes and this is something that the Egyptian government subsidies so I am sure it is sold at a price that all can afford.


On reaching the temple there is what I can only call a horse and carriage parking area. You then have to wind your way through the horses and walk a short distance to the temple. There are souvenirs here to buy but keep your head down and don’t make conversation or eye contact if cheap jewellery or cotton shirts are not your thing.

Wowzers ……….. then you see the temple and just how big it is! How on earth did these ancient people hack away at these images day in day out in all that heat! Its incredible you can not fail to be impressed by the sheer scale of Edfu temple.

Half an hour is enough here and we soon found number 18 and the return trip was just as much fun!

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