Shard to the left of me – here I am.

Spirits not even dampened by the London drizzle. We marched our way to The View, a platform located somewhere near the sky …..I know this because the top of the building was shrouded in clouds. But before I show and tell the photos from the sky showcase I must enthuse about the beautifully kept streets in this neighbourhood. I loved Roupell Street in SE1 where window boxes are the norm, …….that was not the only street which got my attention I hasten to add.

The local pubs also looked liked entries for Britain in Bloom and it was heart warming to see. Our tickets gave us a strict time slot and we made it just in time. As we walked towards the Shard because this is where our View had been booked for, we seemed to get further and further away. When we eventually made it to the bottom of the 69 floors we were well looked after and escorted to the first lift, then the 2nd lift then the a small set of steps and then wow………….all those landmarks looked like toy town.

P1080295.JPGWe were enthralled with the view and cameras were clicking at the rate of knots. We then walked up another set of stairs to the 72nd floor and we truly had our heads in the clouds as we were outside and sadly rain spoilt play……photos less amazing but we had scored earlier so still not down hearted. Once we had our fill we walked away from this amazing building which quite literally thrusts out of the Southbank area and found ourselves in Borough Hall Market, which winds round the railway arches and exotic smells of foreign and more close to home food is served up hot off the plate as stall holders cook as you look.

We lunched on bowls of hot chocolate and cheese platters at a great place called Le Pain Quotidien which was tucked away in the South Bank area. Le Pain is my secret I wish to share, loved the atmosphere, the surroundings and of course the food, service was great too. and walked back to Waterloo via the Thames pathway, reluctantly we boarded the train and headed home.

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