Yeni Cami Mosque – Istanbul

In Istanbul you could be forgiven for thinking that there is a mosque on every corner because in some areas it certainly feels like it. My favourite was Hagia Sofia but this post is about a lesser known mosque called Yeni  Cami.

We just happened on Yeni Cami which is located between Galeta Bridge and the Spice Bazaar.  We received a great welcome and were asked to take off our shoes  to enter. No queues, a beautiful ceiling and of course it makes for a quiet visit. Watch out for pigeons on the outside of this building! Whereas the queues for Hagia Sofia were long even in December and we didn’t even get to go in the Blue Mosque because it was too busy so Yeni Cami was a refreshing change.

We returned at night and the square between the mosque and the bazaar was lit up with fountains. Definitively worth a visit to watch the changing colours. Great atmosphere with chestnut sellers and other stalls  selling street snacks.

The Grey Traveller stayed at the Neorion Hotel conveniently located in Sirdeci close to all major sights.


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