So when did the travel bug bite you?

Have suitcases, will travel……

The itch is getting worse the more I travel the more I need to travel, I am not anywhere near scratching that itch it’s just getting worse. Often people have asked what makes me want to travel…..or haven’t I done enough now? No no no it’s an addiction which I can not see being cured anytime soon.

So how did it all start? Well for me it was in the front seat of my Dad’s Triumph Herald as we began to explore the UK on our own as Mum had decided she and him were no more. …and long before ‘quality time’ had been invented by child psychologists my quality time with Dad was every third weekend and during the summer holidays….and this was when the seed was planted ………….as Dad passed the old AA book over to me and asked where did I want to go and what road did we need to be heading for. From that moment I loved maps, atlas’s and finding out just what was round the corner.

As my own children came along I hoped to plant the seeds further and I believe one of them has a little bit of the wanderlust in him. For me now the children are older there is more time, more money and less constraints and I am beginning to tick those places off my bucket list a little bit quicker. I teach geography and often teach geographical and environmental concepts via those places I have loved or hope to get to know better. So thanks Dad you made my life richer in many ways not just with the quality time but also for planting that inquisitive travel seed and passing on your love of maps and geography.

This question haunted me for a while so I threw it out on twitter and followers kindly responded with what had inspired them to travel that first time. Many came back with the fact their family had the wanderlust gene so had travelled from just a few weeks on the backs of Mum and Dad or in the back of an estate car on road trips across America. Some had been forced to travel to study, to meet up with friends that had already left home, for many the desire to learn about new cultures, new food and to see different landscapes? Some had opened books as children and been sucked up into the colourful pictures of desert islands, jungle vistas and explorers travels. So what inspired you to travel that first time? Please let me know.

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