Saturnia Springs Tuscany – a hidden treasure.

Probably a top moment for me on the self organised Vespa and Dolce Vita tour was our arrival at the Saturnia Tuscany Hotel  high in the hills near to Grosetto. We were met with much friendliness and Italian bonhomie , in fact they showed us the view before showing us the rooms and we were won over at once.
The hills were green as we arrived late afternoon but over the next few hours they turned blue, yellow and finally black as the sun dropped into the Tuscan countryside.
We chilled around the pool which was so easy to do with the lush sun beds and convenient pool side bar.

We ate on the decking which proved to be the best theatre seats for the sunset performance. …….this was our base for the hot springs literally just down the hill. What     an amazing find.

We parked for free and dipped our bodies for free in the warm water spouting and splurging down the hillside. Families rocked up with giant cool boxes, grannies and granddads soothed their limbs and we just peopled watched. Little bit of heaven in the Tuscan hillside.

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Rome and Rome for 2 days.

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