Hagia Sofia or the one about the carpet seller who wouldn’t take no for an answer!

Carpet sellers abound in Istanbul, not sure whether I could really fit in a new living room carpet in my suitcase amongst my Per Una bits and pieces but whether we were queuing for the Hagia Sofia, looking aimlessly at a tourist map or just crossing the road, the same carpet seller seemed to find us. But always with good grace he accepted our retort of ‘not looking for a new carpet at the mo but thanks anyway!’.

Hagia Sofia for me was my favourite mosque, admittedly it must have been on the faves list for plenty of others as we had to queue to get in…..a tip here you can not visit mosques at prayer time so if you find yourself barred from joining a queue just grab a Turkish coffee and return in an hour.

The mosque is being renovated inside but this did not spoil the fact that we could see just how beautiful it was. When the sun shone through the ceiling it just lit up, see for yourselves, it really is a work of art.

Yes we climbed up to the gallery and looked at the other tourists craning their necks to capture the ceiling on their digitals.

Loved the outside of this building too, one of the prettiest in Istanbul don’t you think? We stayed at the conveniently located Hotel Neorion.

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