Chocolate and wine tour in Boston.

One of the highlights of visiting Boston was a Chocolate and Wine walking tour. We pre booked online and met up with a small party of people in Maria’s Pastry Shop in the Italian area of Boston early evening. Our friendly host made us break the ice and say where we were from and declare just how much we loved chocolate. He who likes to think he is obeyed wasP1040274.JPG somewhat embarrassed by this as he’s not a chocolate lover. But who does like to see their partner squirm! He was doing this for love and I was doing the same!!! for the love of chocolate.

Our guide then introduced us to tasting chocolate with certain types of wine. I really hadn’t appreciated that there was such an art to this pastime! All chocolate was of a good quality high cocoa content and we nibbled and sipped through a variety with a range of red and white wine. As a chocoholic Brit I am usually more than happy with a weighty slab of Dairy Milk.

We soon moved on to a cupcake shop which I believe was called Lulus where we tried chilli and chocolate crisps, cupcakes and frosting. We were also introduced to S’mores …..I had always wanted to know what they were after hearing the word many a time in American movies. We did Godiva chocolate in Quincy, Boston Pie in Cheers and ended up in an Irish bar round a fire with red wine and chocolate bread and butter pudding. Samples a plenty I retired to bed a happy woman and dreamt sweet chocolate dreams.

The Grey Traveller stayed at  The Langham which is close to Quincy Market, centrally located and within walking distance of most of Boston’s attractions.


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