Cappuccino and gelato in Italy (and other smooth eats!)


As a coffee lover I feel the self organised Vespa and Dolce Vita trip would not be complete without  a comment on coffee. I’ve had swirly cappuccino with chocolate sprinkles, weak Americano and a splash of espresso as quite frankly that’s all you get.. a mere splash at the bottom of a small cup. ……… But value for money has to be a motorway service station near Grosseto en route from La Saturnia to Siena……even free wifi thrown in. Locals always stand at the counter as its cheaper whereas the tourists amongst us sit down ……

Well of course the photo suggests I haven’t entirely relied on coffee to get me through the day as when travelling with the comfortable pair one needs something to take the edge off…..frissante a local white with a little frizz is very nice with a plate of pasta.P1080766.JPG

Whilst in Trastievere in Rome we ate outside one evening at a very nice cafe but were quite taken aback with the amount of interruptions from musicians, someone selling fluffy tat and the odd beggar or two. However we did like a cello player who set up in the corner of the small square complete with trilby balanced on said instrument and accompanied by an accordion player, as soon as they started playing a couple got up and danced and I had to refrain from shouting SEVEN in the ‘stylee’ of Len Goodman but I certainly joined in a resounding round of applause when they took their bow, even the cello player had an amused Italian smile!

My first taste of Italian ice cream on the Vespa and Dolce Vita tour was on the walk back from Trastevere in Rome. We had just crossed the bridge after wowing at the restaurants along the river illuminated under tent like canopies and wowing at the view of St Peter’s Basillica when we happened on a small gelerati offering an array of flavours and an array of cones and cups. I chose caffe flavour and it was so amazing I had to have a private after moment on the bridge reflecting on the taste and trying to relive it all again. I tried many an ice cream after that in the next 10 days but nothing could beat or even match that first caffe taste.


The Italians make an art out of window dressing with food, loved this plateful of macaroons.

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