Those pesky fly bites! The cure and it’s bergamot.

The Grey Traveller is very fortunate and doesn’t get bitten often. However he who likes to think he is obeyed is bitten frequently and often caught unawares.

He is always looking for the cure all……… I can safely say that using Cotswold insect repellent does a fantastic job of warding off all those midges, mossies and other ne’er do wells in the insect kingdom! ….but it’s those times when its been too late and the damage has already been done. Well we now have the answer!

On a trip to Aswan recently our guide Abdul recommended a trip to Essence of Life Al Fayed. We were treated to a talk about the products they can offer and we got to try and sample many of the smells that we were interested in……. but to get straight to the point my husband sampled bergamot and this gave him instant relief for the myriad of bites he had around his ankles. He purchased a bottle and has been using it in the last few days….he has stopped moaning so a recommendation indeed I think! Apparently bergamot is also useful for other skins problems such as acne, eczema and psoriasis although I  can not comment on these problems.

Postscript – we were also treated to a free back massage with eucalyptus oils and also a drink of local coffee. We were treated well.

They can be found at Elsadat Street, Aswan. Egypt. We were taken their by our guide as organised by Discover Egypt on a Sonesta Cruise along the Nile.

For more travellers tales in Egypt see Tips for temple and tomb hopping along the Nile.How to make papyrus!  and Tales of the Nile river bank.

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