Tips for temple and tomb hopping along the Nile.

First tip has to be to take a guide and we were lucky enough to find Abdul who escorted us to a range of landmarks between Luxor and Aswan during a  Sonesta Nile cruise organised by Discover Egypt.

The Grey Traveller took this trip during the end of March when the sun is not too hot and the evenings are still cool. This makes sightseeing bearable, much later in the year then the sun will curb your enthusiasm if not your stamina. Starting off early in the day also means less heat and less  tourists and makes getting round tombs and temples that much easier. Is also gives you the rest of the day to relax.

If going with a guide he will have organised your tickets for you and a minibus/car to reach each landmark.

The Valley of the Kings holds 64 tombs and there is no way that you would want to see all of these, in fact three is enough and the general ticket restricts you to this number. Don’t take a camera as photography is not allowed.

However do take a camera to the Valley of the Queens as photography is allowed, not only will you be able to get close up to the images and embossing on the walls but there is an incredible view from the Queens down to the river. The temple of Queen Hatshepsut is being restored and it was my first introduction to the incredible skills of the ancient Egyptologists who built and decorated these tombs.

Pronunciation tip! – Queen Hot cheap suit!IMG_2186.jpg

 Avoid talking to tomb protectors if you don’t want to pay a tip as if they start telling you about the history they will expect a payment.

Take a caleche (horse and cart) to see Edfu temple as the walk in the heat might be too much, this is a great way to see the streets and alleyways but beware make sure you remember the number of your caleche for the return journey. Take care when walking past the horses and don’t get too close to their rear quarters in case they kick.

If you enjoy a boat trip don’t miss the Temple of Philae on Philae Island in Aswan, a motor boat trip will give you views of the tiny harbour and a chance to purchase jewellery/clothing/knickknacks. If you don’t want to purchase don’t engage in conversation or eye contact. If you do want to buy expect to haggle!

Last tip, go with an open mind, get up early and enjoy! Enjoyed this post? then you might want to read How to make papyrus!  Tales of the Nile river bank. and The best Egyptologist in the world!


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