How to make paper with papyrus!

Our Egyptologist Abdul took us to Hamees Papyrus Gallery in Luxor where we learned how to make papyrus.

The plant is cut with a long stem and then cut into about 8 inch lengths, the dark green ‘bark’ is then stripped off with a sharp knife revealing a creamy inner core which contains water and sugar. The sugar is the sticky element of the process.

The core is then cut into fine strips and weaved together to create a page of wet papyrus. This page is then pressed between layers of carpet to form a dry and fine flat piece of papyrus paper ready to paint on. This process takes about a week.

The gallery supplied us with a welcome drink of hisbiscus whilst we wandered around looking at finished products on sale. There are a range of pictures including typical traditional Egyptian scenes, hieroglyphics and even premier league shields!

Abdul was our guide aboard a Sonesta Nile Cruise organised by Discover Egypt



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