The best Egyptologist in the world!

IMG_2724We were a small group of three which meant we had Abdul’s undivided attention as he led and taught us about hieroglyphics, ancient and modern Egyptian history as well as life along the banks of the Nile. He made sure we arrived at temples early and that we stood in the shade to avoid large groups of people and the noon day sun. He organised a felucca trip, our wake up calls and kept us updated with football scores as internet access was expensive to come by. There was always a car to drive us to and from and we were never kept waiting all thanks to Abdul’s organisation.

When it was time to say goodbye it was with a heavy heart but if you are travelling to Egypt and would like his services then contact Abdul  at and you won’t be disappointed.  Nothing can replace a well informed local guide, and nothing will replace his genuine love for his country and his job and his enthusiasm and friendliness will bowl you over. His work is in no way limited to the Nile, there is much to see in other areas such as Cairo and Alexandria……..and I reinforce! you will not be disappointed!

We saw a range of temples and landmarks with Abdul including Valleys of the Kings and Queens, Luxor, Karnak, Edfu, Kom Ombo, Philae, Aswan Dam and the unfinished Obelisk.

We travelled with Discover Egypt on a  Sonesta Cruise Ship for more about my lazy luxury life afloat click on this!

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