Things to do at an airport when flight delayed!


P1020714We all dread that moment when you look up at the airport board and discover that the status reads delayed, to be fair I expected it earlier this year in the wake of #stormkatie. So I have an hour (at least, me thinks) extra to kill but I do have an unexpected windfall of £7 to spend in the fooderies curtesy of Egyptair. ……. First time flying with these guys so a great start in my view.

So to kill time, I have walked round all the restaurants at LHR Terminal 2 and made my choice carefully rather than rushing in. I have chosen to eat at the more upmarket The Gorgeous Kitchen  despite it being a tad more expensive and having a small menu. But it offers a quiet subdued restaurant well back from the main thoroughfare and overlooking the tarmac so with the sun shining and my glass of New Zealand Sauvignon  purchased with my voucher I am thinking delay, what delay? Already life seems mellow.

Now what – I have my Fitbit to challenge me so my ten thousand steps should be a doddle, any way everyone needs to exercise and limber up before a flight….and any exercise is good exercise when you fly.

Well there are the shops and the shops and the repeated same shops, but you can spray yourself with multiple expensive fragrances enough to make you and fellow passengers sneeze their way to their destination.

There is usually an aircraft viewing area, a smoking area, rooms to rent, an airport spa, massages to try, and prayer rooms and of course the infamous airport game? Does mean you need someone else to play with……you pick another traveller and make up their background and reason for travelling. Some poor unsuspecting gent travelling to LA for me was an aging rock star travelling out to Los Angeles to see his children from a previous marriage. I also award people for best dressed traveller and often have clothes envy. Some years ago I espied an elegant gal wearing a white linen suit on a long haul flight obviously she wasn’t planning on sitting next to a toddler with felt tip pens or chocolate mousse!

When you are tired of all these, there is always a crossword, a book to read or post to blog. How do you kill time? Let me know please.

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