Let’s try the Olgas!

Everyone has heard of Ayers Rock or Uluru and many have climbed it or walked the base. So if I blogged about Ayers what could I say that hasn’t been said before? Except the day I visited it was windy and you could not climb the orange monolith and I was so glad because it’s so steep! Instead I walked the base and no mean feet in the Aussie heat…..didnt mean for that to rhyme! However as the blog post suggests this post is all about the Olgas, even though I haven’t much to say!

They look like giant bowling balls that have come to a stop on the orange desert floor, they are not far from Uluru and they are worth the visit.

There are designated trails around the rocks, and it didn’t seem that busy when I was there as the tourists trek to their much more famous cuz up the desert road. To be fair I think the aerial shots I have seen online show The Olgas off much better.

Didn’t get to see any roos but did see a camel I kid you not!

The Grey Traveller stayed at Desert Gardens Yulara.







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