Hong Kong for first timers.

IMG_1923.JPGMost first time visitors to Hong Kong will want to visit the Peak and this is what I did on my first full day there.

My advice is to take the bus up and cable car back down, you get the best of both worlds with a scenic ride to the top and a fast move back down and on to the next thing  on your itinerary.

Its an easy ride via taxi or bus from the central pier at Victoria Harbour. I chose to join the locals in a not too hot number 15 bus which winds its way to the top giving you plenty of time to spy down alleys and get first panoramics of this magnificent harbour.

When I had reached the actual “The Peak” I was surprised to see so many shops there, but this is touristville and something which is expected if not by me certainly by others. There are walking trails, a quiet park and a children’s area as well as a hotel, the afore mentioned shops with cafes are in the Galleria. But I made my way to the Sky Terrace where I got a birds eye view of the harbour and certainly beyond.

Even though it wasn’t the clearest of days, the view was still spectacular.

An audio guide is included and I got to see where I had come from that morning (Kowloon) and where I would be going the next day (Lantau). The harbour is vast, for once you are looking down on the shiny downtown scrapers, the commercial port and the densely populated areas of tall apartment blocks which seem to literally home thousands, space is clearly a premium here.

After I had my fill of panoramia Hong Kong style, I stopped off at The Peak, Look Out   a charming cafe/restaurant away from the Galleria. It had both inside and outside seating areas and delightful gardens to rest in. I hadn’t been in Hong Kong 24 hours and already had seen so much of this place. I returned to “ground level” by way of the fast and efficient cable car, so that’s the way to go……bus it up and cable it down.

The Grey Traveller  stayed in the Eaton Hotel, Nathan Road in Kowloon a convenient location for the Star Ferry.

Find out about Lantau and the stilted village of Tai O.

I heart Lantau in Hong Kong.

Aberdeen in Hong Kong, a 15 minute stop off.

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