A walk round the Majorelle Gardens in Marrakech.

Majorette Gardens, a cliched comment I know but definitely an oasis of calm in the madness that is Marrakech. This is Yves St Laurent’s final resting place and a destination of beauty in the dusty modern sector of the city.

The Grey Traveller  ventured out of the old city to find this landmark and to begin with felt it had been a mistake. I didn’t like anything I saw of the modern Marrakech and couldn’t find the gardens easily. I’m glad I stuck it out though and asked a few locals who were only too happy to point me in the right direction.

Once inside I forgot the traffic and the dull buildings that edged the gardens as the high walls drown the traffic noise. There is a hint of Africa meets 1920’s in the buildings and around the gardens there is  a brilliant bright blue mosaic tiling which makes for great photos.  The gardens are easy to navigate  and  areas are divided into ‘ecosystems’ so there is a garden of desert cacti for example next to palm trees.

Fountains add to the calming spirit of this place, ponds are filled with water lilies and lotus and benches are placed where you can rest and just soak up the tranquility. Majorelle  certainly knew what he was doing when creating this little drop of calm and Yves knew a good garden when he saw one. Its not a place that you would spend all day in, just an hour or two as an antidote to the bustle outside!

More on Marrakech – Marrakech tannery.

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