Swanning by Gloria’s in Port Royal, Kingston, Jamaica.


P1100101.JPGA working trip found me in Kingston, Jamaica. With great hosts taking me to places the tourists might otherwise not experience and I got to see and taste memorable food in a memorable location.

And so on a Saturday night I found myself standing outside Gloria’s with a small crowd waiting for an upstairs table. It has to be upstairs as the view is amazing and you get the sea breezes washing over you…..it makes for great natural air-conditioning.

Its loud, its noisy and service is slow compared to UK, but then thats the point, if travelling do not be tempted to compare….simply enjoy the moment for what it is.

It doesn’t have a huge fancy menu but it does have a great atmosphere and great food and the evening I went I had great company too. I ate fried red snapper, it was hard work to eat with all the bones but tasty. Gloria’s is a bit of an institution, right on the front at Port Royal and by the sea where the whole community seems to sit out at night, but then why not when the weather is so good.

We got to see children playing on upturned colourful fishing boats, granddads sucking cigarettes and pipes, mums and their friends gossiping and many watched us standing outside waiting for our turn. I have to thank my hosts for introducing me to this Jamaican institution.

And for dessert, we had ice cream at Devon House

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