Palm Springs in August?????

Had a great time in Palm Springs  but not worried if I never cross paths with the town again. To be fair The Grey Traveller  visited in August which is totally the wrong time to go, it’s hot and unbearably so and anyone who is anyone is outta town, some businesses appeared to be closed down as it clearly wasn’t the ‘season’ to be there. The whole ambience to me was faded sixties Hollywood glamour, crocheted bikinis, floppy sun hats and flared cat suits, nothing wrong with that, coz hey that’s when I grew up. It just seems like the town is no longer in vogue and it seems to be haunted with old dead film stars.

Talking of old dead film stars…….. This huge sculpture called Forever Marilyn had moved from Chicago  to Palm Springs and is now basking in New Jersey where no doubt she’s feeling the chill in her nether regions unless those up north have provided her with thermals.


The house which we rented not far from the Smoky shopping area and Ralph’s was fab, beautiful pool and a view to the San Jacinto Mountains, the view of the sun setting on the first evening whilst sipping margaritas was unforgettable…..and after all this was the last week of our travels and chilling was the name of the game, we didn’t need anything more than what we had…. a lush pad, air-conditioning and a bbq.

We did break out and climb the mountains behind us…….a little blogger’s license there although we climbed we did this curtesy of the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway which took us literally from a hot desert floor to a cool mountain top where we trekked round the designated trails and looked down on the heat and dust of the desert cities below. A geographers cosy feeling experiencing two so different eco systems within ten minutes of one another.

Oh and did I mention that the tree bark smells of caramel? No it’s not all bad in Palm Springs in August and perhaps to give the town a fair chance I feel I should visit in winter when it no doubt comes alive and the ghosts of Hollywood past brush the desert sand off their jewels and start partying again.

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