Aberdeen in Hong Kong, a 15 minute stop off.

Came across this small area of Hong Kong by accident, in fact maybe it was the taxi driver’s accident by dropping us in the wrong place, but either way a happy accident and a delightful 15 minute stop off in the middle of a busy two day Hong Kong visit.

It’s here that visitors come, if they want to eat at the famous Jumbo floating restaurant moored up just off Aberdeen. You can see it in the middle distance of the photo below.

Boats are available to take you from shore to restaurant. Although we did not have time to eat here I would have liked to have experienced this Hong Kong staple but a two day visit barely scratches the surface. The small harbour area is very pretty and we got a chance to photograph the Chinese style boats which were swaying shoreside.

Whilst we were just gazing at the view a lady boat driver (is that the right term?) made her way over to us and offered a tour round the area, we didn’t take her up on this side trip but maybe next time.

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