You must be mad – only 2 days in Kuala Lumpur?

Key Points

  • What to see
  • Hop on Hop Off Bus
  • Where to stay
  • China Town
  • Little India
  • Colonial district

Two days in a city like KL …………. you must be mad to cut it short I can hear readers say. Well I did cut it short as after all I was country hopping in Asia and the well worn phrase “time is of the essence” springs to mind and I didn’t have time for KL. I should have planned it better but if I did it all again this is what I would do……

Stay central (I did get some things right in the 48 hours!), I slept at the Shangri La  great service although a biggish hotel and obviously less personal than the smaller more unique boutique style I am now preferring. But hey Shangri La does luxe at its best, they get it right every time.

So you are central which means you can get on stop number three for the Hop on Hop Off bus which every city now seems to offer. KL does it at a reasonable RM45 and it does what it says on the tin, you hop on and you hop off. There is often a ticket seller at the bus stop to make it even easier. Oh I did the tour but I did it on day two, you need to do it on day one! I hopped off at China Town, wandered round Petaling Street with its red lanterns, busy market area and keen retailers who promise you the earth be it for a sale of a leather bag or some dim sum…….but it’s a great atmosphere. You can see some of the oldest parts of the city here with some of the original chop houses still standing. I know this because the taped guide on the bus told me so.



Hopped back on ’til I got to Little India and here well I did feel I had arrived in a little bit of India, the Bollywood music, the flower garlands and the smell of curry made the walk up the main streeet as exciting as if I was in Mumbai…well nearly. Loved the pink elephant fountain and the ornate lamp posts.


Next hop off was the old colonial area. It’s here you realise or perhaps it just sank in for me how much of old KL had been knocked down. In it’s place are shiny new buildings as the little of what’s left of colonial times is ‘looked down’ on from these shiny expensive nearly scrapers which overshadow what I might call ‘Little Britain’…..but it made for some great photos.IMG_1459.JPG


Had I made better use of my time I would have hopped off at the Islamic centre as the architecture looked great and I would have hopped off at the National Museum but there’s always next time…..but would there be a next time? as cities go I might give it a miss but if I have a stop over well I’ll give it a second chance.


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