Hong Kong or Kowloon – Where to stay?

Hong Kong might at first glance appear to be a tale of two cities or even two islands as most people think first of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. But it is so much more than that, it is in fact a tale of many islands, the shiny well heeled cosmopolitan HK Island, the more Chinese local feel of Kowloon and the myriad of islands just off the harbour, some inhabited whilst others appear to be lonely rocks skittered about the sea. But I qualify this by saying this is The Grey Traveller view, after a few weeks of travel research and a three day visit.

My travel research is mainly internet dipping enriched with anecdotes and tips from friends who have visited. The latter being the most useful as they know The Grey Traveller  and what I like and dislike.

The reason of your visit will probably determine where you might need to stay but as I was on an Asian travel vacation the world or in this case Hong Kong was my pearl oyster – I had complete freedom of choice.

I soon cottoned on to the fact that Kowloon accommodation is cheaper and as I didn’t need the shops and business services of HK Island it seemed the obvious choice and high five I had got it right. After many hours of internet deliberation and a final recommend from a friend of a friend I chose Eaton Hotel in Nathan Road and wow how glad was I. Read my Triptease review of the  Eaton Hotel  where I type glowingly of this fine Kowloon establishment.

Nathan Road is a major thoroughfare lined with shops, restaurants and massage services. At night it lights up with neon. A big shout out must go to Fat Kee restaurant which is opposite the Eaton, it was full of local people and busy, always a good sign. They are not licensed so they told us to hop over to the seven eleven to buy beer and wine. It’s not a grand place but it had a grand atmosphere and great food and I loved it, especially their condensed milk donuts.

Nathan Road leads straight down to the Star Ferry which was first on my list of things to see and do. Who can not be wowed by this harbour, within minutes you can be the other side of the great Victoria Harbour which is edged by skyscrapers owned by the big and the powerful whether its banking corporations or 5 star hotels. At night time the harbour presents Symphony of Lights where these big buildings light up and dazzle and razzle the eight oclock audience…….and its a freebie, best viewing is on the Kowloon side by the ferry terminal.

So for me it’s Kowloon to rest my head as the transport network is so easy to use and its cheaper than its classy bro across the water. Keep reading the blog to see the ‘peaks’ of this trip…….I couldn’t help myself, I love the cheesy segways to link my bloggings! Hong Kong Island or Kowloon – Where to stay? You know which has my vote.

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