The best ice cream in Jamaica can be found at Devon House!

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  • Where and How!

I was told that Devon House ice cream is the best in the world so of course research needed to be undertaken by The Grey Traveller I have to say having experienced Italian ice cream that surely there couldn’t be anything better? Any regular reader of The Grey Traveller might remember the private after moment I needed after experiencing the caffe flavoured gelerati in Rome…….pure ambrosia.

Devon House is a beautiful grand house with equally grand gardens slap bang in the centre of Kingston, Jamaica. Within the garden is a  peaceful courtyard with  shops selling souvenirs, pattys and this wonderful out of this world ice cream!

You can purchase a ticket for the amount and style of your choice, i.e. single scoop or sundae and then you get passed to the flavour section, I had rum and coffee first time around but actually have to recommend my second visit flavour of coconut.

Locals visit here after a drink or meal out of a Saturday night; families, couples or groups of friends relax in the cool relaxed atmosphere of the Devon House courtyard and gardens. It makes for a great end of the day.

The bakery is also popular, it has a range of patties and mouth watering cakes. I can recommend the beef or the double cheese and beef for starters followed by a big chunk of walnut banana bread.

I didn’t get to see inside Devon House which is a grand plantation house in Kingston, quite unlikely sight in this otherwise ramshackle city. The main grounds are manicured and off limits to visitors. But if you are in Kingston it’s an oasis in an otherwise dusty and not too attractive city; you too will scream for Devon House ice cream!

4 thoughts on “The best ice cream in Jamaica can be found at Devon House!

  1. Gloria’s is located in Port Royal, former home of the infamous pirate, Henry Morgan. Glad you chose Jamaica on your “grey travels”. We enjoyed the visit immensely!

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