Thuy Khue, Hanoi.

I couldn’t take enough photos of the beautiful hardworking Vietnamese people and the above picture is perhaps one of my favourites. Staying at the Intercontinental Hanoi on Thuy Khue north of the city my balcony overlooked the lake and I watched this gent painstakingly collect the floating rubbish whilst rowing with his feet. Incredible I know.

Only here one night after visiting Halong Bay with the enchanting Indochina Junk cruises . Beautiful big lobby and the now expected usual but never taken for granted lovely Vietmanese welcome.

Here we enjoyed afternoon tea, early evening cocktails and canapés, a rest around the pool and a little exploring.

Didn’t make it to see the the remains of a B52 shot down in nearby lake but did see this guy fishing.


10 thoughts on “Thuy Khue, Hanoi.

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  2. Wow!
    Me parece muy acertada tu criterio sobre este tema. Desde
    hace ya tiempo que siento cierto interés en esto e intento buscar toda la información que
    puedo sobre este tema. La participación que has concluido me ha
    parecido muy ventajosa, sin embargo creo que se podría indagar un poco más y de esta manera
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    Muchas gracias.


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