Karma Sutra in Bho Phut, Koh Samui.

This bar needs a post of its own. It boasts the best location in the village for people watching whether it’s for an early coffee or a late beer you can simply watch the world and his dog go by on motorbike or tuk tuk. It corners the junction of the main road leading down into the village and the coastal road.

Decorated in 70’s psychedelic shades of shabby chic purple and the like it offers sofas inside and chairs on the pathways.

Like much of Bho Phut the atmosphere is laid back, friendly and welcoming.

Personal recommends, hot chocolate, oh yes even in hot Samui! Cocktail favourite was a mix of Baileys and Creme de Menthe.

It’s a great place to plant yourself on a Friday evening when the walking market is on. It also provides front of house seats for the open mike entertainment on the street corner opposite.

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