Island Life in Koh Samui Balinese Style

…..and so to Koh Samui the chilled sojourn of the Rice and Tuk Tuk Tour 2014 and the part of the trip where we have time to chill (obviously) and reflect on those magic moments, those top ten moments and the not so cool moments. Oh yes a lot of moments discussing over a glass or two of Sauvignon Blanc or as my dear travel buddy and I say a “glass of suavvy”.

To be fair the first part of the arrival at Koh Samui Airport was not so chilled, we joined a group of Aussies and others in a long slow queue at passport control…it seemed to take forever! but our villa management team had organised a lovely pick up from the airport and we were soon our way to Villa Samprasada

Oh what a villa! nestled in the hills above Bhoput, and a couple of cliches later ~ a taste of paradise, and a little drop of heaven spring to mind.

A lot of hours were spent on the sun beds reflecting and pinching ourselves a few times….were we in some type of Bobby Ewing out of body experience when we would wake up in the shower and it had all been a lengthy Dallas style dream……….no folks it was real.

The lovely Pamika looked after us and organised a car to use and when we needed a lift to the Bhoput Fishermens Village of a night she advised on taxis etc. She made sure we were happy with our accommodation but how could we not be?

Meals were taken outside, and many a suavvy fuelled moment was reflected upon….oh we had much to reflect about! The shiny scrapers of Hong Kong, the madness that was Hanoi, the stillness of Halong and the identity crisis of KL.

We did rouse ourselves a few times to leave the villa to enjoy a meal and a massage in the village, to collect supplies and a couple of island road trips were taken.

Will we return? oh yes I am sure of it….even if just to confirm that it was real and not a dream.

Watch this space for more Koh Samui Island tales……………… and scroll down for more pictures…enjoy! Island Life in Koh Samui.

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