Dubai or not Dubai! 

IMG_2556.JPGDubai or Dubai – that is the question!

I equally loved and hated Dubai, Au contraire I hear you exclaim, how can that be? I had wanted to tick Dubai or at the very least the Mid East off my bucket list for some years and so our British Airways flight skittered across the desert and dropped us down late December.

The love bit is easy – beaches on the Palm are exquisite and perfect, the staff at our upscale hotel were friendly and service second to none, the weather was just right and for a 5 night stay just enough things to see and do in Dubai to stave off boredom.
The hate bit – I was uncomfortable with the brash, slick and glossy buildings, everywhere was dripping in ferraris and gold. The taxi queues were long, the Burj Khalifa queues even after booking were long and squashy! Yes I was squashed and pummelled whilst waiting to get in the lift after queueing Disney style for a good 45 minutes, I nearly gave up!
Dubai does not seem to have a sense of identity or at least I didn’t unearth it. Maybe only being a mere 30 something isn’t long enough to carve your own place and sense, in fact Dubai doesn’t even have a smell to it which for me often is the key to where you are be it Jasmine in Thailand or bus fumes in London.
Would I go back again? In a heartbeat particularly when I need some winter sun, it’s restorative and relaxing and the best time to visit. They put on a damned good show at New Year and it’s just seven hours from London so mid haul in my view. I know what to expect and I can expect five star chillaxing and it doesn’t come better than that, cheers Dubai ’til the next time.

11 thoughts on “Dubai or not Dubai! 

  1. Fairly accurate, although if you wish to experience the old Dubai then travel across the creek to Deira. We lived the 5 star life in UAE for 11 years albeit in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain but loved visiting Dubai for staycations. Next time you venture to UAE check out other emirates for a different perspective on the country.

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